• Is it possible to use a cellphone on Pandan Island?

    Yes, you can use a cellphone on Pandan, the available networks are SMART and GLOBE, if you come from abroad, you can buy the SIM cards and prepay cards in Sablayan or directly at the airport upon arrival. Both GLOBE and SMART offer also Internet packages for 3, 7 or 30 days which include mobile internet, international and local calls as well as SMS. For more information please visit globe.com/travelsurf or smart.com.ph/Prepaid/offers/type/data.
    Please note that the use of cellphones in the restaurant is strictly forbidden.

  • Is it possible to connect to the internet on Pandan Island?

    Yes, there is a internet-point set whre you can acess the internet free of charge. Please note that the speed is not very fast and depends on the amount of users logged in. If you need a more fast connection we recommend that you buy a prepaid internet access from GLOBE or SMART.

  • Is it possible to pay with credit cards or traveler cheques on Pandan Island?

    We accept US$ and Euro traveler cheques. Due to security restrictions from PayPal payments can not be made when you are Pandan Island. This service is for downpayments only. Please note the a service charge of 3.9% + 0.35 Euro/Dollar is added to your downpayment/bill.
    We prefer you settling your bill in Pesos as we are far from the next bank to change money. If you settle your bill in different currencies an exchange fee of 3%is added to your bill. Please note that the excahnge rate on Pandan Island is different from monychanger in Manila.
    Payments with creditcards or Paypal should be limited to downpayments or unexpected expenses. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Are there any vaccinations required for the Philippines?

    Officially there are no required vaccinations necessary for the Philippines, we suggest however to consult your physician on that matter.
    see also the medicine.com pages.

  • Is it necessary to make a reservation on Pandan Island?

    During our main season (December to May), the resort is often booked out, we therefore recommend you to make a reservation.

  • We are a family with small children, is it possible to hire a babysitter while we are out diving?

    No problems, we can organize a babysitter for you on a daily basis. The Philippinos are ‘baby crazy’ and our experienced babysitters will take care of your kids while you are having fun underwater or elsewhere.

  • How many passengers fit in a public jeepney?

    One more.

  • What is the best time to go to Pandan Island?

    The dry season lasts from December to June, this is also the best period to plan your vacation.

  • Are there sharks around Pandan Island?

    Yes, there are harmless whitetip or blacktip sharks occasionally around Pandan. If you like to observe these wonderful creatures we are also more than happy to bring you out to Apo Reef to see different kinds of reef sharks or even hammerheads.