some of the best diving in the Philippines


Pandan Island Resort is a private diving resort island located on the west side of Mindoro in the Philippines.

  • Pandan Island seen from Sablayan lighthouse
  • Beach on Pandan Island
  • Sunset on Pandan Island
  • Beach on Pandan Island
  • Terrace on a bungalow
  • Bar on Pandan Island
  • Simple yet comfortable rooms
  • Relaxing
  • Each bungalow is different
  • Beachvoleyball
  • Sunset

Facing the South China Sea, halfway on the coastal road between Mamburao and San Jose, lays the small fishing town of Sablayan. Off its coast, only a twenty minutes boat ride away, is Pandan Island, a 12 ha big tropical island. Having been uninhabited for many years, this paradise was "discovered" by a French adventurer, who established Pandan Island Resort in 1986.

Most of Pandan Island is still covered by primeval forest abunda